All items of the project!

Konstruiert und fotografiert von Richard R. Budding.
Hochgeladen am 4.9.2006, 21:30 von rbudding.  17 / 32

Waiting for the PCB’s, later this week all boxes will be assembled.

peterholland (4.9.2006, 22:48:01)


Why do you prefer an ultra sonic sensor, and not not infra red ?

What advantage/vorteil has ultra sonic compare to infra-red ? (I am a civil engineer, not an electronic-expert)


Peter Damen Poederoyen, Holland

rbudding (7.9.2006, 22:22:58)

With this sensor you are measuring the distance between 20cm and 3 meter.

the output is linear from 0..6Volt, so 2 volt per meter.