tx bridge

The circuit diagram of my bridge between the TX-controller and the old I/O-Extensions. The bridge also features an IR interface for the new ControlSet and connections for 4 servos or Sharp distance sensors.

In der hiesigen Galerie tx bridge gibt es insgesamt 12 Bilder. Das sind die ersten 4 Einträge:

TX bridge by JEMO

TX bridge by JEMO

JEMO has also build the bridge but in a different battery case

Open case
Closed case
The bridge in action

TX bridge other versions

TX bridge other versions

Several versions of the TX-Bridge exist!

5V Version
5V Version
5V Version bottom view
Stepper motor controller

… und außerdem noch 1 weiteres Bild.



An ATMega based hardware interface between the ft TX controller and the old Robo Extension modules and other hardware

The PCBs as they arrived from the Fab
A PCB after filing off the stubs
PCB with SMDs
Top view

… und außerdem noch 3 weitere Bilder.