Work in Progress, project is now in production stadium ;-)

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YES, all the items are here….

MisterWho (4.9.2006, 23:11:43)

Why do you want to build so many? Are you going to sell some?

rbudding (7.9.2006, 22:15:10)


Yes. I have order 50 PCB’s.

I need 10 for my self, I have 4 Robo interfaces. All parts are order for 50 pieces. Except the expensive sensor, it’s 25$ per piece of ordered more than 4.

Lost 2 during development ;-( but the total project cost is as mentioned before, probably the total is around 60 euro.

I will take some with me to the convention on the 23th.



rbudding (7.9.2006, 22:20:04)

By the way the price is apprx 60: PCB 10 Sensor 23 components 8 box 3 box ‘creation’ 4 overhead, like shipmentcost 6 cable and small stuff (glue) 1

But I am willing to sell just the PCB if requested….