Interface without FT

Konstruiert und fotografiert von Richard R. Budding.
Hochgeladen am 15.4.2006, 23:14 von rbudding.  1 / 4

Little print is the speech chip, combined by the interface with 6 digital in and 6 digital out.

wahsager (16.4.2006, 02:37:23)

Not bad. Do you remember what kinds of ICs were used on that board? I can’t read the printings from the photo. Looks like an amazing piece of work considering the year it was built …

rbudding (17.4.2006, 11:15:16)


These pictures were scanned, 1200 dpi. I will look for the original interface and try to create a part list. I do remember the original price of the speech chip: 60 gulden == 55 DM. My father created the design, I utilzed the electronic parts from his business…