Design of the echo pulse to voltage converter for the distance sensor.

Konstruiert und fotografiert von Richard R. Budding.
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Schlagworte: Distance, sensor.

The timing is roughly every 10 ms.

the output is now between 0 and 6 volt. Every Meter means 2V. range is between 2cm and 3 meter.

The output is now lineair!

schnaggels (21.6.2006, 12:16:52)

Sounds like a good plan :)

Very interested in the final circuit diagram or the pcb design. Do you plan selling the final (populated) pcb board?


rbudding (22.6.2006, 21:48:53)

Hi Thomas,

Yes. It will be fitted inside the little red FT 9V battery box.

You’ll need ein ausgang, O1 and the A1 eingang…

look at the other pictures ;-)

rbudding (29.6.2006, 21:51:05)

The PCB board plus specs will be posted including price. I have bought 10 sensors ‘cause of the shipment cost. 1 pcb is priceless, I am planning to order 30 or so. It depends how people react on the results.

I will sent you a note, when the work is done. ;-)