cassette with CMP03 sensor

Konstruiert und fotografiert von Ad van der Weiden.
Hochgeladen am 22.6.2008, 14:52 von Ad.  7 / 7

The sensor board in the cassette with compass sensor but without the transparent lid and LCD

schnaggels (21.5.2009, 20:09:03)

Hi Ad,

I missed this here somehow :( Can you get the sensor values via RoboPro if used as an Robo extension module? Sounds very interesting!


Ad (23.5.2009, 20:33:25)

Hi Schnaggels,

It’s a long time since I did this and I never really finished it. It works just like an IO extension from Thkais with the difference that it can behave as 1, 2 or 3 IO extenstions. For RoboPro it makes no difference, it sees 8 digital inputs and 3 analog inputs. It is user configurable what these data contain. I paused this project because I could not reliably compute speed and distance from acceleration. Once I have good odometry I will continue again. If you’re interested I will share the code.