BrickCON 2010

Konstruiert und fotografiert von Richard Mussler-Wright.
Hochgeladen am 6.10.2010, 07:29 von ft_idaho.  52 / 59

Schlagworte: BrickCON, 2010, Seattle

This was my entry at BrickCON 2010 in Seattle WA. The goal was to avoid obstacles and complete laps as quickly as possible. (There were a total of three different courses). Mine was the only ft robot in the competition. I won the John Force Award!

robvanbaal (6.10.2010, 22:08:22)

Gratulations winning the award!

ft_idaho (7.10.2010, 00:15:01)

Thanks. I was far behind in the pack at fifth place, and only participated in this trial - I brought the robot for my presentation and did not have the ability to reprogram it. I will field a much better robot for next year’s competition.