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Schlagworte: Robot, Magazine, Morshausen, 2008

This a piece Laura and I authored about Morshausen. Robot Magazine ran an edited version in their May/June issue. Thought to share.

Harald (16.3.2009, 22:41:42)

… and there was me, wondering who on Earth could be knowledgeable enough to write such a short and concise, yet comprehensible article. Great!

Gruß, Harald

heiko (17.3.2009, 00:15:52)

Very nice :-D

Severin (17.3.2009, 16:20:30)

Den Roboter kenn ich :-D

robvanbaal (18.3.2009, 19:05:14)

[I]…and the population doubles on convention day![/I] Super Satz!

schnaggels (19.3.2009, 00:05:11)

Very short but nice to read. Mörshausen gets famous now :)