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7-Segment Clock

Beschreibung: The problem with mechanical 7-segment drives is that the 7 segments are layed out in a way that makes it difficult to drive all segments with the same mechanical power source. Of course you can use one motor or one electromagnetic power source for each segment, but that requires 28 motors or electromagnets for one clock. It is impractical, and too large fysically.

My goal was to use one power source for all seven segments.
Hinzugefügt am: 07.03.16 12:45
Konstrukteur: Willem Evert Nijenhuis
Fotograf: Willem Evert Nijenhuis
Hinzugefügt von: winijenh

Autor: Kommentar:
07.03.16 18:46
Two minutes past twelve... Time for lunch!

Well done. Very nice model Willem Evert!
07.03.16 20:54
Prachtig uniek model !
Gefeliciteerd + complimenten.


Poederoyen NL
Martin Wanke
07.03.16 21:13
Hi Willem,
Really fascinating model with brilliant mehanics.
Dirk Fox
08.03.16 09:46
Hi Willem,
this is a marvelous solution. I had been working on such a clock some years ago, but I could not find a method small enough to adjust the segments. The mechanism you invented is really amazing...
Very well done!
Regards, Dirk
04.08.16 20:30
Very nice Project, it looks great.
Best Regards