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Bei Pollin heißt es Twist-Stop, Nr. 540 041 Das schwarze Teil ist ein Adapter, mit dem man es gut verbauen kann. Nr. 540 167 müsste das sein.

peterholland (4.2.2013, 18:17:35)

Interessant für verschiedene (andere) Modellen ist (auch) Slipring :

RX-CA1524-003 á 99 Euro/st (excl)

Housing made of thermoset plastic • Contact material: gold • For analogue and digital signal transmission

15,5 mm Diameters fits Fischertechnik

Number of rings 24 Voltage 240 VAC/DC Current 2A per ring Dielectric strength 500 VAC (60Hz) ring to ring Isolation resistance 1000 MA at 500VDC

Mechanical angle of rotation 360° continuous Rotating speed 300 rpm Rotational life (rotor movements) 50.000.000 (application dependent) Bearing type Precision ball bearings Operating temperature -20°C to +60° Protection degree IP54 Weight Approx. 35g Stator Thermoset plastic Rotor Thermoset plastic Contact Gold to gold Connection AWG26 / 0,14 mm², copper, silver plated Wire, Teflon™ covered Cable length Stator: 250 mm, Rotor: 250 mm

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