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BrickCON Robot

Beschreibung: This was my entry at BrickCON 2010 in Seattle WA. The goal was to avoid obstacles and complete laps as quickly as possible. Mine was the only ft robot in the competition. I won the John Force Award!
Hinzugefügt am: 06.10.10 07:29
Konstrukteur: Richard Mussler-Wright
Fotograf: Richard Mussler-Wright
Hinzugefügt von: ft_idaho

Autor: Kommentar:
06.10.10 11:17
Contgrats! BrickCON looks really fun.
06.10.10 14:08
Hello Richard,

Where are this little Interface?? It is only for schools or where is this interface??

I hope, for an answer.

06.10.10 17:55
Howdy Endlich,

PCS sells the BRAIN in the US at:

The BRAIN is available in Germany at LPE at:

Drop me a note at rmwright at pcsedu dot com. Always love to chat. -r